Workcity Virtual Office offers numerous benefits for businesses, including cost savings, a professional business address, mail receipt and forwarding, professional phone services, flexibility, access to meeting spaces, work-life balance, a professional image, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, it eliminates the need for a daily commute and reduces the environmental impact, scalability, business continuity, and time savings.

Workcity Virtual office
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Professional Image

Workcity provides a professional business address, allowing businesses to project credibility and trustworthiness to their clients, customers, and partners.

Efficiency and Convenience

Workcity virtual offices streamline the mail-handling process, saving you time and effort. We will receive, sort, or forward your mail professionally.

Work-Life Balance

Virtual offices offer the flexibility to work from anywhere, promoting a better work-life balance.

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Workcity’s virtual office plan provides businesses with an actual physical business address without the cost of a long-term lease.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Click the “GET STARTED” button, select the plan that works best for you, and we will contact you right away to set up your office.
A virtual office gives your company a professional business location to do business from while allowing all employees to work remotely. It gives you the benefits of a physical office location without any of the headaches of managing or maintaining an actual office space.
A virtual office provides you with a virtual environment to get work done remotely. As part of a virtual office with Workcity, you are able to buy the use of a physical location. While your work is all done remotely, the physical address gives you a physical location for letters and packages to be sent to and gives you the chance for more privacy and a professional business image.
Yes, you can use your virtual address for business licensing. The majority of our clients are approved for licensing with a virtual address.

You register an LLC with a virtual business address the same way you would register with a normal address. Once you have purchased your virtual business address, you can use it for any registration, licensing, or certification that requires a physical address.

  • Address for a professional business
  • Mail and package receipts
  • Mail forwarding is available upon request (daily, weekly, or monthly); postage is extra.
  • Address for a business license, business cards, website, and so on
  • Local presence, drop-off, and pick-up points for clientele
  • Access to co-working space and conference rooms (rate varies by plan).
  • Live receptionist
  • Access to community virtual events (rate varies by plan)


Workcity meeting & events

Meeting Room & Events Space

Get the space you need to host clients, hold memorable workshops, or deliver a winning pitch. Host your own corporate events, meetups, and masterclass training.
Workcity private office


Build your business with a fully serviced private or shared office for you and your team.
Workcity Podcast studio


Workcity podcast studios offer fully fitted and equipped podcast studios. Create your own style and content and invite up to 6 guests to record and run your shows with our state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.